Zumba class helps Julie lose weight

Julie Milligan, 58, from Cotgrave had recently been diagnosed with type II diabetes. She’d seen first-hand though her parents how devastating the effects can be if left untreated. But despite this she was still struggling to cope with her diagnosis and felt embarrassed about talking to anyone.

That’s when the friendly team from Fit 4 Life stepped in and came up with a plan for fun, accessible activities that would make a huge difference to her life. She’s lost weight as a result and has a much better quality of life.

Julie said: “When a healthcare assistant suggested I join the Fit 4 Life programme I was extremely sceptical.  I’d recently been diagnosed with type II diabetes and although I was trying to ignore it, I knew what it meant for me.   Both of my parents had late onset type II diabetes but my father had gone undiagnosed for a long time and unfortunately had to have his leg amputated.  Thinking about those potential consequences frightened me to death but I couldn’t discuss how I actually felt with anyone. I had my reputation to maintain and nothing ever phases me (or so everyone that knows me thinks).  I was depressed and withdrawn and secretly finding it difficult to cope.

“Then in steps Matt, my Fit 4 Life Guru. I was quite intimidated at first, I thought he’d be very judgemental but nothing could have been further from the truth.  As he talked me though some initial questions I started to cry. I’m not sure why. Maybe because he was so understanding or because I realised that with a bit of effort on my part, I could start enjoying my life again.

“He looked for the type of activities I would enjoy and felt capable of taking part in.  We discussed over 50s Zumba as there was a class very local to where I lived. Then table tennis, just three miles away, walking football just up the road and netball just a short drive.  The realisation that there were activities for someone only a couple of years away from their big 60 and overweight started to sink in.  I was determined I was going to give some of these activities a good go.

“I love going to Zumba, it’s my favourite thing to do on a miserable Wednesday morning, and it makes me smile.  There are mixed abilities but everyone works to their own level and Erika the instructor is great.

“My three-month review approached and Matt wanted to see me. I felt quite nervous but there was no need.  I’d lost nearly a stone and inches off my waist and hips too.  He could tell by my body language I am feeling better about myself.

“Thank you Fit 4 Life, you’ve helped me have a better quality of life.”

You can watch a video of Julie talking about her experience here.


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